How to Configure and Email in Gmail?

How to Configure and Email in Gmail
Nov 01, 2022      admin     Blog

Southwestern Bell originally offered SBCGlobal email services. In 2005, SBCGlobal email services were acquired by AT&T and were adopted under the name of a newly merged company. Although, many users across the globe are still accessing their email accounts. Configuring the email in Gmail can help users easily access their email accounts.

If you also want to learn how to configure and email login in the Gmail application, this blog will be important for you. In this post, we will cover the complete procedure of how to configure the email account in Gmail. So, read this article till the last word.

How to Setup in Gmail With POP3 Mail Protocol?

SBCGlobal allows its users to access their email accounts from any one of the devices. Its great user interface and easy accessibility of the email account act as unique features. Southwestern Bell originally offered SBCGlobal email services, and now, the services have been captured by AT&T email services. Although, many users need help configuring and email in Gmail.

Here are the steps you can follow to set up SBCGlobal email in Gmail with POP3 email protocol;

  • Firstly, navigate to the Gmail application or website on your device.
  • Thereon, click on the “Login” option, and then provide the valid email address and login password of your email account.
  • Again click on the “Login” option.
  • Once you have logged in to your Gmail account, click on the “Settings” wheel icon available on the right side of the screen.
  • After that, you have to click on the “Mail Settings” or “See All Settings” option, which is available under the settings drop-down list.
  • In a consequent, click on the “Accounts and Import” option.
  • Thereon, under that option, select the “Check Emails from Other Accounts” or “Check Mail Using POP3” option, and then click on the “Add an Email Account” option.
  • You will be asked to provide the SBCGlobal email address in the insert field.
  • After that, click on the “Next” button, and then you will be asked to provide the username and password.
  • After providing the details, then you have to provide the email settings, which are as follows:
  1. Inbound server:
  2. Inbound port: 995
  • Followed by the above steps, you have to check-mark the box against the “Always Use a Secure Connection” option.
  • Thereon, click on the “Add Account” option and select the option for sending emails through Gmail.
  • Once you have selected that option, then you have to provide the below settings:
  1. Outbound server:
  2. Outbound port: 465

That’s all with this procedure. By carrying out the steps mentioned above, you have successfully set up your SBCGlobal email account in Gmail through the POP3 email protocol.

How to Set up and IMAP Settings?

Let’s discuss the steps you can easily carry to set up IMAP settings on the Gmail application.

  • Firstly, access the “Gmail” website or application.
  • Thereon, click on the “File” option available at the top-left side of the screen, and then select the “New Account Settings” option.
  • After that, you must click on the “Server Settings” option to set up the email account manually.
  • Now, click on the “Internet Email Addresses” tab and provide the details under the “User Information” field.
  • Moving ahead, select the IMAP settings option, and then provide “” in the incoming mail server and set the port number as 993.
  • Similarly, select the SMTP settings option, provide “” in the outgoing mail server, and set port numbers as “465” and “587”.
  • Then, select the “Test Account” settings and click on the “Finish” option to complete the IMAP email settings protocol.

Congrats! You have successfully configured your and email accounts by carrying out the steps mentioned above on your Gmail application.

To Summarize

So, we hope you find this blog well. In this blog post, we have provided you with authentic and useful information about how to configure and Email in Gmail. Above, we have covered all the steps and procedures you can easily follow to configure the email account. If you still have any queries related to the topic, then you can reach out to us via chat box. You can also send us a query via mail at Our email experts are available 24*7 at the help desk to attend your query.