How To Sync SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10

Sync SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10
Feb 14, 2023      admin     Blog

Having trouble synchronizing SBCGlobal accounts in Windows 10? If that so, then you are at the best page.  Here, in this blog, we will discuss all the information through which you can easily synchronize your SBCGlobal Mail account with Windows. The information mentioned in this blog contains all the technical aspects which are used while setting up your mail account in the email client. Thus, read the article to get a step-by-step guide to Sync SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10.

Server Settings Details Required for SBCGlobal Email on Windows 10

Users should need to know the server protocol along with incoming and outgoing mail server details to add the SBCGlobal email to their device:

Incoming Mail Server Details

  • Mail Server:
  • Port Number: 993
  • SSL Requirement: Yes

Outgoing Mail Server Details

  • Mail Server: IMAP) or (POP3)
  • Port Number: 465
  • SSL Requirement: Yes
  • Authentication Requirement: Yes

Things to Check Before Synchronizing SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10

Before going forward with the process to Add SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10, you have to keep in mind a few essential points that must be fulfilled:

  • Internet speed should be stable and strong.
  • The SBCGlobal email server settings must be correct.
  • You need to verify the Server status of the SBCGlobal Email account.

How To Sync SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10?

Now, you first need to complete the advanced setting by following the instruction mentioned below:

  1. Open Windows Mail or other email client applications.
  2. Click on the setting icon to open SBCGlobal Mail settings.
  3. Click “Account” and then “Add Account.”
  4. Choose the option “Other Account.”
  5. Provide the necessary details like name, SBCGlobal email address, password, description, and other details.

With the help of this given procedure, you will be able to sync your SBCGlobal account.

However, If this won’t help you in syncing your SBCGlobal email account, then you can go with another way that is mentioned below:

  • Open the setting in your email client application.
  • Click “Account” and “Add account,” and after that, choose
  • “Advance Setup.”
  • Select Internet Mails.
  • Enter the name and the mailing address from which you want to send emails.
  • Change the Mail server to “” and Server Protocol/Account Type to POP3.
  • Enter your incoming mail username and password, in which you need to provide your SBCGlobal email and password.
  • Now change the outgoing server to “”
  • At last you have to finalize the process by following the on-screen details mentioned above.

How to Change SBCGlobal Mailbox Sync Setting in Windows 10?

Moving ahead, if you want to make some modifications in the settings of syncing SBCGlobal email on the Windows 10 mail app, undertake the given steps:

  • Open Windows Mail and sign in with your SBCGlobal Account.
  • Click on the account setting icon.
  • Select your SBCGlobal account.
  • Select “Change Setting.”
  • Click on the option “Change Mailbox Sync Setting” and check the Sync setting.

Suppose you are facing trouble while doing so, then you need to uninstall and reinstall the calendar and mail app from your device by following the given information:

  1. Click the start button and search for “Windows PowerShell.”
  2. Right-click the application icon and click “Run as Administrator,” and then type the below-given command to move ahead with the installation of the Calendar & Mail app.
    “get appxpackage*microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps*|remove-appxpackage”.
  3. Now go to the Windows store and reinstall the Mail app & Calendar app.


We hope from the above information provided; we will be able to help you in syncing your SBCGlobal mail account on your Windows 10 device. In case you are still having trouble, you can contact our email experts, who are available 24*7 to assist you and resolve your query.