How do I Fix SBCGlobal Not Receiving and Sending Emails?

How do I fix SBCGlobal not Receiving and Sending Emails
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Email is an important part of our life that helps us in getting connected to our family or doing our work. SBCGlobal email service is among the major email service provider companies in the world right now. It is made for both personal and professional work. But imagine someday your SBCGlobal email is not Receiving and Sending Emails. What will you do? How will you know about its causes and fixes? Any unpredicted error can create major issues for you and your business. So to help you out in fixing the SBCGlobal not Receiving and Sending Emails problems, we have made a list of troubleshoots that you can follow. But before going further, let’s understand the causes of the SBCGlobal email login error.

Reasons Behind SBCGlobal Not Receiving and Sending Emails

The main reasons behind SBCGlobal email errors are listed below:

  1. The first and foremost prior reason can be Slow Internet Speed.
  2. Other than that, problems in Browser can be another reason.
  3. Or if you have provided the wrong login credential.
  4. Apart from this, wrong email settings can be one major reason.
  5. Or if the SBCglobal server is down, it can create issues for you as well.
  6. Presence of Add-ons or plug-ins in your system.
  7. Obstacle due to the presence of Antiviruses.
  8. Insufficient Space in your Device
  9. Error due to File’s attachment size
  10. Or if your SBCGlobal account is hacked, it can create an issue for you while sending and receiving emails.

How do I Fix SBCGlobal Not Receiving and Sending Emails?

Are you not able to send or receive emails to the SBCGlobal email account? To fix this Email errors, you have to follow a proper pattern, and verify the requirements.

  • Slow Internet Connection

A slow internet connection is the most common reason behind your SBCGlobal not sending or receiving email problems. To eliminate that, you have to contact your Internet service provider and ask them for help.
If the problem is not in your Internet connection, then you have to check for other details to resolve the error.

  • Enhance your web browser properly

Another reason that is creating an SBCGlobal email error is the presence of Cache and Cookies in your system’s Browser. To eliminate this error, you have to clear the available Cache and Cookies from your computer’s browsing history. To do so:

  • Initially, you have to open the Browser.
  • Then, Go to the Settings option.
  • After that, you have to hit the Privacy Tab.
  • At last, you have to reach the Security tab, and within all the mentioned options, you have to click on the Clear Browsing Data option.

This will enhance your Web browser by clearing the present Cache and Cookies.

  • SBCGlobal server error

Before going further and opting for any other measure. To remove the SBCGlobal not working error, you must look for the SBCGlobal server status first. To check about the server, you have to go to the Internet and type SBCGlobal not working today in the search box, or you can even go to the website of Down Detector and check about it.

If the issue is in the server, then you have to wait for it to get fixed.

Note: You also need to check the status of the Yahoo mail server, as for the past few days, Yahoo has been hosting the SBCGlobal email server.

  • Incorrect Email Credential

At times, basis errors can also create major issues for you in sending an SBCGlobal email. One of them is entering the wrong Email address. So, you must have to cross-check the email address you have provided before hitting the send button, as it can stop you from sending an email.

  • Wrong Login Credential

Providing the wrong login credential can stop you from login to your email SBCGlobal email. To eliminate this problem, you have to double-check the login details before hitting the login button.

If the problem is persistent even after entering the correct login credential, or if your SBCGlobal email is hacked, then to get the access back, you have to change your SBCGlobal password.

How to Change The SBCGlobal Password?

To change the SBCGlobal email password, you have to follow the given procedure:

  • Go to the forgot password page.
  • Enter your password.
  • Then enter your sbcGlobal AT&T email address along with your last name.
  • Then hit the continue button.
  • Then, from the drop-down option, hit the I’ll answer my security questions tab.
  • Provide the answer to the security question, and then hit on Continue.
  • On the next page, provide the new password, then click the continue button, to go further.

Note: Select a password that is secure.

  • Wrong server Address

If the server of your email is changed from your location to some other location, you can face issues while sending or receiving emails in your SBCGlobal account. To remove the error, you can contact your network administrator and ask them for help.
Once the problem is resolved, then you have to log in to your SBCGlobal email account again with the same SBCGlobal Email account but a completely new server address.

  • Presence of a firewall or any other add-ons

If your system has a firewall or any other security software, it can create an obstacle for you to access your SBCGlobal email address. You will not be able to send or receive any kind of email. So to remove this problem, you have to initially verify the error and then disable the add-ons & the security software while working on the SBCGlobal email address.

  • Insufficient Space in your system

If you have been using your SBCGlobal account for a long time, you may face problems in receiving emails from your Device; this is because of less Space. When you create an SBCGlobal account, you get some space to receive emails. But when it is filled, it creates problems. Thus, to eliminate problems due to this, you must delete the older emails.

  • Issues from the sender’s end

If your email is blocked from the sender’s side, even by mistake, then it can create issues for you accessing your email. So, you need to ask the sender to check if your email is present in their blocked section; if this is the case, then ask the sender to remove it to start receiving emails from their end.

  • Error due to Attached File Size

You may face issues while sending an email because of the size of the attachment you are using. You must check the size before sending it and if it is more than the maximum capacity. Then compress it accordingly.

  • Problems due to email filters

Though email filters are made to help you by dividing your emails into different folders, sometimes, they create a major problem for you by sending your important email to the Spam section. Most of the time, you don’t check it and start panicking about your SBCGlobal email not working. So, before going further, check your spam folder to know if you get the email there, and after that, delete this folder too.


By following this article, you will get rid of your SBCGlobal email not working problem for sure, But if you still have any kind of problem or confusion, you can contact our team of professionals and ask for help. You can even mail us at if needed. We are available for you around the clock, so feel free to contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Question:

There can be various reasons behind your facing SBCGlobal email error, but the most common and non– technical one faced by the users is Internet Connection. Thus, you need to check your internet connection first before going forward with any other way. You also need to verify the Internet Speed to know if that is the problem.

If you are not able to receive emails to your SBCGlobal email account, the reason can be something else as well.
Maybe your account is out of Space, or maybe you get the email, but in the spam folder, so the reasons can be many; you just need to verify one that your account is facing. email gives you IMAP access so that you can access your account both on your desktop as well as the mobile app.

Email Settings for is provided below:

  • Username: Your full SBCGlobal email address.
  • Password: Your SBCGlobal password.
  • Server:
  • Port: 993.
  • Security: SSL/TLS.