How to Recover a Hacked SBCGlobal Email Account

How to Recover a Hacked SBCGlobal Email Account
Apr 18, 2023      admin     Blog

SBCGlobal is one of the leading email services available for working professionals. One of the reason, why more and more users prefers to use SBCGlobal mail, is the ease of convenience for the user. Along with that, various security features are available in order to keep your account safe. However, sometimes, no matter how secure any email account is, hackers always find a way to retrieve your email. Which thus, compromise all your personal information. In that case, users need to recover their Hacked SBCGlobal account, for which they need assistance. Thus here we are going to provide all the necessary information to the user through they can easily retrieve their hacked SBCGlobal accounts. Read the article further to get more information on account recovery for hacked SBCGlobal Mail.

Various Indications that your SBCGlobal Account has been Hacked or Might be at Risk

Various possible indicators for a Hacked SBCGlobal account are listed below:

  • Whenever an email account gets hacked, it shows unusual activity than the normal, which is detected by the server. Thus the email can be received from the security center mentioning the unusual activity detected from your account.
  • Another indicator is that you are not receiving any mail, or some important mail in your account is missing.
  • Users are unable to sign in to their SBCGlobal account even with the right credentials, as their account has been compromised.
  • Users can notice various emails from an unknown addresses.
  • Get spam mail like winning a reward or any other email like that which might contain a file that you need to open.

How Can I Recover Hacked SBCGlobal Account?

You can take the following measures in order to recover Hacked SBCGlobal account.

Update your Email Credentials:

In case you think that your email account is on the verge of getting compromised, you need to change your password, which will be the first information that hackers try to retrieve. However, in case your email account has already been hacked, then you need to reset your password through the security question method, which we are going to talk about further:

Retrieve the SBCGlobal Account Password Through Security Question

  • Visit the SBCGlobal Sign-in page, where you can find the option “Forgot Password” below the password box. Click on it.
  • You will be directed to a new page where you need to use the following credentials:
  • User ID
  • Last Name
  • Under various methods to recover the SBCGlobal email account password, you need to select “I will answer my Security Question.”
  • Select the security question and provide the correct answer and then click on “Confirm.”
  • After verification, you will be allowed to reset your SBCGlobal account password.

Recover Hacked SBCGlobal Account password through the Mobile Number or alternate email ID.

Users, if they do not know the answer to the security question, can use their Mobile number or alternate Email ID to authenticate that account belongs to them while resetting the password. Steps to recover the password are given below:

  1. Visit the SBCGlobal login page. There, click on “Forget Password.”
  2. Provide User Id and Last Name. Now, on the next page, you need to click on “Send me a temporary password.”
  3. After that, you will receive a verification code on your Mobile Number or alternate email address.
  4. Provide the new password and then log in again.

Update all other Security Measures to Prevent your SBCGlobal Account.

Major causes for getting your SBCGlobal compromised are the various online threats like Viruses and malware files that try to steal your information. The presence of viruses, malware, or any other online threat can also be a risk for your Email account. Thus there is a requirement to regularly run an antivirus on your system. Also, some malware files are unable to be detected by the Antivirus, and for that, various anti-malware applications are available that you can use for your system security.

Update and Scrutinize your Email Settings

In case your SBCGlobal account has been hacked, then there will definitely be some changes in the email settings which can be encountered by you. Some of the changes in the email settings through which you trace any hacker activity in your email account are listed below:

  • There might be some changes in your Email signature when it is hacked.
  • Check your contact list where you need to check for any unknown new addresses. Delete all these addresses.
  • Check each and every detail of your profile for any unknown changes. Also, under mail server settings, check out for following details:
  1. Sender Name
  2. Reply-to-address
  3. Spam Settings
  4. Server Details.
  • You need to verify from other email users whether your email account hasn’t been blocked by them, which signifies that any spamming activity has been done through your SBCGlobal account.

Preventive Measures to be Taken to Secure your SBCGlobal Account from Hackers

Precaution is better than cure; despite waiting for hackers to get to you and damaging your Email account, you can take some measures to avoid all these hassles mentioned above:

Change your Password on a Regular Basis

The first information which a hacker tries to access is your password through various means. However, if you change your password frequently, it will be difficult for them to hack your account. Thus it is advisable to update your password frequently.

Avoid Sharing your SBCGlobal Email Address Everywhere

It is a common practice nowadays that in order to get information from any webpage, you need to sign-up for their newsletter, for which you have to provide your email address. This should be avoided, as once your email has been shared on any unknown or unsecured website, it can be forwarded to any other database. So make sure you do not share your email address, especially the working while browsing the internet.

Browse Securely and Keep your Device Safe

Many online threats are able to reach our devices through browsing activity. Thus make sure to avoid visiting suspicious sites. Also, make sure to regularly clean your browsing history.

Reach to Our SBCGlobal Customer Services

Anyone with an SBCGlobal account email facing any issue with their email address can reach out to our SBCGlobal Helpline number. Our experts have desired experience in resolving any kind of issues you are having with not only SBCGlobal email but any other email services. Our helpline number is active 24/7, and you can connect instantly with the expert and get the required solution to your problem.

On an Ending Note:

In the above discussion, we have provided all possible measures to recover hacked SBCGlobal account. Along with that,  we have discussed various preventive measures to keep it secure. However, if you still need assistance, reach out to us at the number given below.  Also, you can connect with us through live chat, which we will return back to you in the minimum time possible.