How to Reach Out to SBCGlobal Customer Service Number

SBCGlobal Customer Service Number
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Need help with your SBCGlobal Account and don’t know where to go? Then you have landed at the right place as here we are going to provide all the information regarding SBCGlobal customer service number. Apart from that, we are going to discuss some common issues which you might be facing right now, along with their troubleshooting method. Southwestern Bell Communication (commonly referred to as SBCGlobal) is currently one of the leading email service providers in the states. Email services are majorly preferred either by working professionals or students.
However, sometimes people face different issues while using the SBCGlobal account majority of which are linked to their password. To deal with any issues with forgotten credentials, you need to reset your password, for which we have provided all the details here. Read the article further to learn about the SBCGlobal customer support number.

Connect with SBCGlobal Customer Support Through Phone

Many users won’t be able to access their SBCGlobal email because they have forgotten the passwords, or username. Moreover, they sometimes, even do mistakes in the setting configuration as well. These problems can be easily resolved, but when we talk about major technical errors, it is difficult to resolve by yourself. Thus, to resolve these problems, users need assistance from a live person. This is why the SBCGlobal Helpline number is available for you. To resolve these problems, users need assistance from a live person. Thus, that SBCGlobal Helpline number is available where you directly connect with the SBCGlobal email support team.

How to Connect with a Live Person Through SBCGlobal Helpline Number

SBCGlobal Email customer support team is available 24/7. To connect with it, follow the given steps:
Dial the number 1-844-248-6018, on which the receiver will revert to you. You will be asked to press the required based on the issues you are facing.
Once you press the digit, the call will be immediately connected to a live person to whom you can share the issue you are having, and they will provide the desired solution to your problem.

Other Ways to Connect with the SBCGlobal Customer Support Team

In case you are not able to reach out to SBCGlobal customers through a phone, you can contact them through various other means, some of which are listed below:

SBCGlobal Official Email Helpline

Email users can send their queries to the official SBCGlobal customer support email. The officials at the customer support team will revert to you within the given time possible.

SBCGlobal Customer Live Chat

This is another option through which you can directly connect to a live person on a customer support team. Through the live chat option, you need to submit the issues you are facing along with your contact details. Either a live person will reply to you instantly, or you will be contacted through mail.

Common Issues User Encounters while Accessing SBCGlobal Mail

Apart from lost credentials (username and password), people face various different problems with their SBCGlobal account. Some of the common issues with SBCGlobal mail are listed below:

Incorrect SBCGlobal Mail Server Settings

Users, while configuring their SBCGlobal mail, provide incorrect server settings, due to which their email does not function properly in the email client or any other device. Correct Mail Configuration settings for SBCGlobal Mail are listed below:

Incoming Mail Server Settings Outgoing Mail Server Settings
Hostname: Hostname:
Port Number: 993 Port Number: 465
SSL Encryption: Yes, SSL Encryption: Yes

In order to Configure SBCGlobal Mail Account in MS Outlook, Follow the Given Steps:

  • On your PC or Laptop, open MS Outlook, and then on the home screen, navigate to the file option.
  • Now select the option “Manual or Additional Server Type,” on which you need to manually provide mail server settings.
  • On the next page, select the option “POP or IMAP” and then click on Next.
  • Now fill out the required details which will include Your Email, password, and mail configuration settings.
  • Then select the option “More Settings,” after which a new dialog box will appear on the screen titled “Internet Email Settings.”
  • There under the tab “Outgoing Server,” mark the option “Use Same Settings as my incoming mail server,” and under the tab “Advanced,” check for the correct incoming and outgoing port numbers.
  • Click on OK to close the dialog box and click on Next.

Now your SBCGlobal account has been added. Close all the tabs and open Outlook again to access your emails.

Reset your SBCGlobal Mail Password

Instead of reaching out SBCGlobal Customer Support services, you can reset your password easily from the steps given below:

  1. Go to the login page of your SBCGlobal account and click on the option “Forget Password.”
  2. On the next page, provide your SBCGlobal Username, Mail ID, and last name.
  3. Now, you will have two options through which you can retrieve your SBCGlobal Mail password, which is through a registered mobile number/alternate email ID or through a security question. Choose the given method as per your preference.
  4. Based on your choice, either you will receive a verification code or your number/alternate email ID, or you have to answer the security question correctly.
  5. After authentication, you can reset your Email ID.

SBCGlobal Mail Error Code 550

Another common trouble while using SBCGlobal Mail is the error code 550, where users are unable to send emails. The following are common causes for SBCGlobal Email Error 550:

  • Wrong Email Address
  • Sender’s Mail has been marked as Spam
  • The server is down or unavailable.
  • Technical issue with the Email client or the device on which you are using SBCGlobal Email.

To Fix SBCGlobal Mail Error code 550, take the following steps:

  • Check and type the Recipient mail correctly.
  • In case of a down server, wait for some time and try to send mail again when the server is active.
  • SMTP Authentication
  • Connect with the recipient in case they have blocked your email/domain or marked it as Spam.

SBCGlobal Mail Error Code 521

Code 521 is another technical issue with SBCGlobal Mail where the user is unable to send email as it has been blocked by the SBCGlobal server or the server is disabled, due to which the send message is undeliverable. In order to fix this error, you need to visit the official website of the email service provider or connect with SBCGlobal customer support in order to send a request to remove your IP address from the blocking list.

Other Common Issues for which you Need to Contact SBCGlobal Customer Services

Apart from the above-mentioned problems, there are still some issues for which you need to dial SBCGlobal Helpline Number. Some of these problems are listed below:

  1. SBCGlobal Email is not working on iPhone.
  2. Unable to Setup 2-step verification
  3. Your contacts on SBCGlobal Email are missing.
  4. SSL Certificate error in SBCGlobal Mail.
  5. Cannot download attachments in SBCGlobal mail.
  6. Connection to the SBCGlobal email server cannot be established.
On an Ending Note,

From the above discussion, we have provided all the details through which you can connect with SBCGlobal Customer Services. Apart from that, we have listed all the common issues with the email along with their resolution methods, after which you don’t need to dial the SBCGlobal helpline number. In case you need any further assistance or have any queries you can reach out to us from the number given below or just click on the Help option to connect with us instantly.

Frequently Asked Question:

The SBCGlobal is currently owned by AT&T Telecommunications, with Yahoo as their Webmail service provider.

In case you are unable to access your SBCGlobal account or your email account has been hacked, then you can retrieve it by resetting the password. For that, you need to have your registered mobile number and alternate email ID, or you should know the exact answer to the security question.

SBCGlobal email services are still active and currently under AT&T telecommunications. Users with any issue with their SBCGlobal account can reach out to AT&T customer support, or they can contact us to resolve any issue with their email account.

In case you are unable to use SBCGlobal email on your iPhone, then you need to reconfigure it with the correct email server settings and other details. For that, first, you need to remove your account and then add it again.

No, both and AT&T are different email services that are both owned and operated by the AT&T corporation. For both emails, Yahoo is the webmail service provider.