How To Resolve SBCGlobal Email Error Code 550

How to Eliminate Error Code 550 from SBCGlobal Email?
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Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, also known as SBCGlobal, is one of the foremost mailing platforms available for users in the States. The Email services are owned by AT&T, one of the major telecommunication companies. One of the reasons that it is preferred by millions of users worldwide is the ease of convenience and various mailbox features, which make the mailing process easier and swifter. However, one of the problems encountered by the users with the mailing is Error Code 500, which occurs when there is an issue with the recipient address and thus deterrent the users from communicating with each other. Thus, here we are going to discuss all the possible causes due to which SBCGlobal Email Error Code 550 occurs and how we can resolve it. Read the article further to get know how to fix Error Code 550 in SBCGlobal Mail.

What is SBCGlobal Email Error Code 550

SBCGlobal Email Error Code 550 is a message which indicates that the recipient address to which you are sending the mail is wrong or no longer functional. Following are the different variations of Error Code 550, which indicates the wrong email address:

  • Email Error 550: Denied by Policy
  • Email Error 550: 5.1.1
  • Code 550 Administrative Prohibition
  • Error Code 550 Relay Not Permitted
  • Code 550 Reverse DNF
  • Error Code 550: Host Unknown
  • Email Error Code 550 5.4.1
  • Server Error 550
  • 550 Blocked Error

Possible Reasons due to which you are receiving SBCGlobal Email Error Code 550

Error Code 550 arises due to the wrong recipient address, which occurs due to the following reasons:

  • The Recipient email on which you are trying to communicate through SBCGlobal Email does not exist.
  • Either your email address or the domain from which you are sending the email has been blocked by the recipient.
  • Your mail has been marked by the recipient as Spam or has been detected as one.
  • The hosting server from the recipient side is temporarily unavailable due to some technical glitches.
  • There might be an issue with the email client or the device on which you are using your email. To resolve that, you need to remove your account from the device. After that, configure it again later with the correct mail server settings.
  • You are using your Email client with a different Internet Protocol address.
  • There can be typing error by you due to which you have entered the wrong email address, or the mail does not exist. Thus due to that, you are receiving Error Code 550.

Easy Ways to Fix SBCGlobal Email Error Code 550

Based on the cause due to which you are receiving Error Code 550 on your account, you can take the following measures to fix it:

Check the Recipient’s Email Address and then Resend it with the Correct Email Address:

This is one of the common causes due to which you are receiving Error Code 550 on the account. Many times due to hurry or rush while sending the email, users type the wrong email address, which probably does not exist, thus showing Error 550. Thus it is advised to the user to confirm the email address on which they are sending and then resend the mail again.

Wait for Some time after you have Received Error Code 550, and then Send it Again:

Another probable cause for SBCGlobal Email Error Code 550 is the temporarily down server from the recipient side due to any technical issues. Thus, wait for some and then resend the email.

Fix SMTP Authentication to Resolve SBCGlobal Email Error 550:

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which simply refers to the rules and regulations followed while sending and receiving mail. While using SBCGlobal mail or any other email, the SMTP authentications are automatically configured. However, sometimes the authentication fails, thus hitching the mailing process. Based on the Email client application, follow the given steps to fix SMTP authentication in your system:

Fix SMTP Authentication on Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird, and from the top, click on the Tool option and then select Settings.
  • In settings, navigate to the option “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” and then click “Edit.”
  • Select the mailing server you wish to configure and then click Edit.
  • Check all the details like username, password, and other mail server settings. After that, click OK.
  • This will start the SMTP authentication in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Enable SMTP Authentication in Outlook

  • Open MS Outlook and there click on the File tab and then Account Settings.
  • Select the Email you wish to configure, and then click on Change which will be the Email Internet Settings.
  • Select the Outgoing Server and mark the checkbox of the option “My Outgoing Requires Authentication.”
  • Click OK and then the Finish button. Make sure that you have also marked the check box near the option “Use Same Settings as my Incoming Mail Server.”

Reach out to the Recipient Directly to Unblock your Domain and Email Address

In case. your recipient has blocked you or the domain from which you are mailing; then you need to contact them directly and ask to unblock your mail or unmark your mail ID as “Not Spam.”
Also, we recommend you check your blocklist if you have added the recipient to it. In case you find the receiver mailing on your block list, then we recommend you remove it and then try to send the mail again.

Wrapping it up

From the above discussion, we hope that now you have desired information through which you can fix SBCGlobal Email Error Code 550. Although mentioned above, we again recommend always cross-checking the mail address to which you are communicating. In case you need further help, reach out to us from the number given below or use the live chat option. Our customer services are available 24/7, on you can easily connect and get the required solution to your problems instantly.


Frequently Asked Question:

Recently, the SBCGlobal email has been running under AT&T email, and this email is shifted to AT&T Yahoo! Service. A few customers use SBCGlobal email and carry on their assistance.

Some possible reasons behind this error are given below.

  • Incorrect Id and Password
  • A weak or steady internet
  • Browser error
  • Lost SBCGlobal email password

Some upgrading steps are given below to troubleshoot the SBCGlobal email.

  • Access outlook express
  • Choose File
  • Choose Account Settings
  • Choose the email account to upgrade
  • Inspect in internet email settings whether you have selected POP3 or IMAP
  • Mention the IMAP or POP3 settings
  • Choose more settings
  • Choose the outgoing server tab

The five common methods are given below to troubleshoot email errors.

  • Examine your email account username
  • Examine your email account password
  • Recognize the email account type
  • Verify the email server connection settings
  • Troubleshoot a misbehaving email program or app