SBCGlobal Email Not Working with MS Outlook

SBCGlobal Email Not Working with MS Outlook
Nov 29, 2022      admin     Blog

In this world full of modes of communication, Email has firmly maintained its place. A professional and modern world is incomplete without mail, which SBCGlobal originates as a grace. Emailing is one of the oldest ways to settle a communication and the most credible one. On the other hand, Outlook is another outstanding email service. It remains the first choice for most users who handle their business sincerely, as it allows them to configure more than one email account. The issue begins with the startling factor when SBCGlobal Email is Not Working with MS Outlook.

In case when SBCGlobal Email is not working with MS Outlook, most people suffer through this. This issue will surely hamper your work process. However, it is a good idea to configure your email account on Outlook to save yourself from the hassle of webmail login issues. Make sure that you execute the process properly; otherwise, you fasten yourself in the web of Email related issues.

As mentioned earlier, this issue may be connected with too many factors, and it is serious and needs to be addressed. Let’s get aware of the reasons for the instance when the email is not working on Outlook.

  • Distortion in the login process.
  • Forgetting the login Credentials.
  • When the account gets hacked.
  • At the time when the SBCGlobal server remains down.
  • A version of the browser was old.
  • Interruption arises due to the anti-virus.
  • Entering the invalid password.
  • Bad connectivity of the Internet.
  • Error in Outlook email settings which originate as resistance in the process. Email Settings for MS Outlook

At some moments, everyone who uses the SBCGlobal email services faces this issue, i.e., SBCGlobal Email is not working with MS Outlook. So here we understand the criticality of this issue and how crucial it is to resolve or fix it.

One by one, jump onto the steps listed below and eliminate the SBCGlobal email problems as early as possible. These steps are:

First move: Disengage your account of the SBCGlobal mail from the MS Outlook application

  • First, open the Outlook app to start the process of disengaging the SBCGlobal email account from Outlook. Then reach the “Files” tab in that app.
  • Search for the “Account Settings” options and tap on that option for proceeding further..
  • Look for the option “Manage profiles” under the Account settings and click on it. After that, click on the option of “Show Profile. Easily”
  • In the Show profile option, you can easily spot the SBCGlobal account menu.
  • Then open that menu and click on the remove tab to completely disconnect the SBCGlobal email account from MS Outlook.

Note: Before continuing the process, it is suggested to stop windows fireball, and the shield poses out the antivirus installed in the system. These are the hindrance-causing factors in the working of SBCGlobal email.

Second Move: Open a safe mode window and run the Outlook app.

  • The opening step of this method is to open up the MS Outlook app in safe window mode. Press Win + R with the help of your keyboard for this function. Don’t just click while pressing it; hold for some seconds to get the result.
  • It results in a Window run dialog box appearing as a pop-up option on the screen.
  • It would help if you now put the Outlook/Safe mode in that empty box and then hit the enter button.
  • In the end, you will witness that the Outlook App will open in safe window mode.

Third Move: Satisfy all the requirements for SBCGlobal email arrangement on the MS Outlook app 

  • First, check if the internet connection is stable or strong or not.
  • After that, please pay attention to the login credentials to ensure that it remains correct. It consists of the username, password, and email address.
  • Next, the turn of checking the settings of the MS Outlook app comes. Look for the following details:
  • The server settings of the SBCGlobal email for the IMAP server:
  1. The server of the Incoming mail in Outlook should be set as
  2. The Incoming port number should be 993.
  3. The server of the outgoing mail is
  4. The Port Number of the Outgoing port must be 465.
  5. SSL should be the encrypted connection.
  6. Then, after all this, tap on “Yes” in the required section appear on the screen.
  • For the POP Server, the SBCGlobal email settings will be:
  1. The incoming email server is set to
  2. 995 should be the incoming port number.
  3. The email server for the outgoing Email is
  4. 465 should be the outgoing port number.
  5. The existence of SSL settings in an Encrypted connection is a must.
  6. At last, fill yes in the asked section.
  • Finally, create a backup of your email account so that no loss of any valuable mail or information occurs, as a precaution is better than a cure.

Fourth Move: Arrange your SBCGlobal email account again with the MS Outlook app

After all this, there is an emerging need to add your SBCGlobal email account again with MS Outlook for the SBCGlobal email problems.

  • Start with opening the Outlook app on your system and then reach the file tab.
  • Find the “Account Settings” menu and open it after clicking.
  • “Email tab” is the next option to choose, and then click on the new option.
  • The next option is “Server settings,” then choose the next button. After this, the turn to select the Internet Email addresses comes.
  • Then click on the next button, which leads you to the “user data” option. On this page, there is a required box for putting out the username and the email Id in the designated one.
  • Select the “Type of account” option when you enter the username. Here you can choose either the POP server or IMAP server and enter the preferred details as per the server.
  • In the further step, there needs to enter various details in the Login Information option, which includes:
  1. Fill in the SBCGlobal email address or User ID in the desired option.
  2. In the password asking box, fill out the password.
  3. Go with the SSL Encrypted connection option in the login security option.
  • Now, End the process by selecting the “Test Account Settings” menu. Through this, a test run will be started, which checks down the information you entered for the SBCGlobal account configuration with MS Outlook. It is done to check whether the information is correct or not. Once the test finishes, click on next and then the finish button to complete the reconfiguration process.

Fifth Move: To conclude, Shift to Google’s DNS

  • Get started with the Network and Sharing Center tab from the taskbar. It will enable you to reach your device’s network.
  • After that, go with the option of Change adapter. Make a right-click on the current network with the help of your mouse and reach its properties.
  • Next is to set the Internet Protocol Version 4 / (TCP/IPv4). Succeeding this, open the properties tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Then make a step to the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option. Ahead of this, enter in the box denoting the preferred DNS Server. And for the alternate DNS Server, enter in the required box.
  • End the process by clicking on the OK tab to save all the changes. These steps will address your issue of SBCGlobal email not working with MS Outlook.


After following all the steps, log in to your SBCGlobal email account again, and no issues will prevail. If the issue of the email not working on Outlook comes again, it is better to take the assistance of professional executives who help you better. He straightforwardly understood the issue and fixed the error immediately so that your work wouldn’t be hampered and would go on flawlessly.