SBCGlobal Email Settings iPhone

SBCGlobal Email Settings on iPhone
Mar 22, 2023      admin     Blog

Seeking a way to set up SBCGlobal Email on your iPhone? If yes, then your online search for the perfect answer ends here.
SBCGlobal is one of the most popular email service providers all around the globe. People love to access it because of its seamless features. As a free email service provider, we have received multiple queries related to the SBCGlobal Email settings on iPhone. That is why we are providing you with this write-up to Set up your SBCGlobal Email on an iPhone device.

SBCGlobal Email Server Setting for iPhone

Let’s begin our discussion over SBCGlobal Email by understanding its server requirements first. If you don’t know the server settings, you might encounter technical issues while configuring your SBCGlobal Email on an iPhone device.

Thus, look at the points mentioned below to learn more about the correct SBCGlobal email settings for iPhone:

SBCGlobal IMAP Server Settings:

Incoming Server:
Port Number: 993
SSL or TLS Connection needed: Yes
Username: Your SBCGlobal Email address
IMAP Password: SBCGlobal email password

SBCGlobal SMTP Server Details:

Outgoing Server:
Port Number: 465
SSL or TLS Connection Required: Yes
Username: SBCGlobal Email Account
SMTP Password: SBCGlobal Email login password

Keep Points to Ensure Before Settings SBCGlobal Email on Your iPhone

Before you proceed with the further steps to set up SBCGlobal Email settings on your iPhone, you have to understand a few precautions points that are helpful for you.

  • Verify your Internet Connection, and make sure that your device is connected to a proper internet connection.
  • Review if your Mobile is in Air Plane mode. If yes, then turn it off.
  • Double-check the login credentials before you hit the submit button.
  • Look for the SBCGlobal Email server status.
  • Make sure there is space in your device. In case the storage is full, delete a few items from your iPhone to make some space.
  • Ensure to follow the exact Server settings details as mentioned above.

How to Configure SBCGlobal Email Settings on iPhone Device?

Finally, we are ready to learn the steps to add SBCGlobal Email on an iPhone device. Follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be done with the setup.

  • Open your iPhone, and navigate to the Settings icon.
  • Thereafter, click on the Mail, Contacts and Calendars tab.
  • Now, hit on the Add Account Button, present at the top of the Accounts menu.
  • Here you have to choose Others to initiate the SBCGlobal email settings in your iPhone.
  • Moving ahead, select the option to Add Mail Account.
  • Next, write down the required SBCGlobal account details.
  1. Enter your Name in the name box.
  2. SBCGlobal Email Address in the Email box.
  3. Lastly, in the Description box, enter Domain.
  • Now, after providing all the information, select Next.
  • Here in, the incoming and outgoing mail server, enter the above-discussed SBCGlobal Email server details.
  • After that, Choose your SBCGlobal email account in Settings.
  • Tap on the Advanced button, and enter further incoming and outgoing server details accordingly.
  • Now, your iPhone will review the overall settings, and you can see a screen with all the details you have entered.
  • A New screen will pop up on your device, where you have to slide the icon to enable Mail and Notes, then tap on the Save button.

Here you are done with the addition of SBCGlobal email settings to your iPhone.

What are the Issues Faced by SBCGlobal Email Users After the Setup of the Email?

After knowing the addition process, let’s discuss about a few of the major issues that the SBCGlobal user encounter on a frequent basis:

  1. SBCGlobal Email not working on iPhone
  2. The Email is not responding to your command.
  3. The SBCGlobal email login page is not loading properly
  4. The SBCGlobal Email is weak
  5. SBCGlobal Email not performing properly.
  6. Not able to use SBCGlobal Email with Outlook.
  7. Can’t get or send Emails using my SBCGlobal Email.
  8. Not able to download the attachment from SBCGlobal Email Account.
  9. My SBCGlobal email Account gets hacked.

To rectify these errors, you can simply check the blog to solve the SBCGlobal Email Problems that are faced by iPhone Users.

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Wrapping it Up!

You can follow the above steps to configure the SBCGlobal Email Settings on your iPhone. However, if you need any further help, feel free to get in touch with our email experts. These experts are well trained with years of experience in the email field. They will resolve your issues immediately without any delay.