How to Fix SBCGlobal Unable to Connect to Server

How to Fix SBCGlobal Unable to Connect to Server
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Most people are using one of the top-notch email services such as SBCGlobal email these days. It is a leading and incredible part of everyone’s daily functionality, whether personal or professional. When you try to connect the SBCGlobal email with the server, it will be showing a message on your screen ‘Unable to Connect Server’.

You can’t send and receive emails without connecting properly SBCGlobal email with the server. It has become essential to get rid of this issue by following some troubleshooting steps given in this blog. Get an immediate solution by calling the SBCGlobal email helpline to get the appropriate suggestions from a technical experts executive.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix SBCGlobal Unable to Connect to Server Error

Some preventive methods are given below to remove the “SBCGlobal Mail Unable to Connect to Server” issue. Go through the following solutions without wasting your precious time.

Method – 1 Audit SBCGlobal Email Server

When you face an SBCGlobal server issue, you must check the Server Status by visiting some server-auditing websites given below.

  • Outage Report
  • com
  • in
  • Is it down right now?

You must search the ‘SBCGlobal email service’ name and press the ‘Enter’ button on any of these websites. You can see the SBCGlobal Email server-status whether it is up or down. Server status shows that it is working or not working. Wait for the server to fix this issue or call the local administrator body to help you in removing this issue.

Method – 2 Check Internet Connection

Before moving to any solution, you must confirm that internet speed and connectivity are accurate and strong. If not, then repair or restart your modem to ensure a stable and strong internet connection. Check your internet data pack to audit your internet connection. By connecting and checking strong internet on your system, you can quickly eliminate this ‘SBCGlobal unable to connect to server’ error.

Method – 3 Update IMAP/POP and SMTP Server Settings On SBCGlobal Email

If you are using an IMAP server, configure these settings.

  1. SBCGlobal IMAP and SMTP Server Settings (Incoming and Outgoing Email Server)
  • SBCGlobal Mail IMAP Hostname – type
  • SBCGlobal Mail SMTP Hostname – type
  • SBCGlobal Mail IMAP Server Port – 993
  • SBCGlobal Mail SMTP Server Port – 465
  • Required TLS/SSL for SBCGlobal Mail IMAP – Yes
  • Required TLS/SSL for SBCGlobal Mail SMTP – Yes
  • Authentication needed – (Yes) type ‘SBCGlobal email’s username and password.’

If you are using an SMTP server, configure these settings.

  1. SBCGlobal Email POP and SMTP Settings (Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server) 
  • SBCGlobal Mail POP hostname – type or
  • SBCGlobal Mail SMTP hostname – type or
  • SBCGlobal Mail POP Server Port – 995
  • SBCGlobal Mail SMTP Server Port – ‘465’ or ‘587’
  • Required TLS/SSL for SBCGlobal Mail POP – Yes
  • Required TLS/SSL for SBCGlobal Mail SMTP – Yes
  • Authentication needed – ‘Yes’ type ‘SBCGlobal Email account username and password.


Still Need Help?

Even after following the above-mentioned methods, if you are still facing the SBCGlobal Unable to Connect to Server problem, then you can get professional assistance from our email experts. Our experienced team is available 24*7 around the clock to terminate your queries with utmost priority.

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Frequently Asked Question:

The solution to SBCGlobal Unable to Connect to Server problem is creating a secure mail key and then updating your email program. You need to follow the below-given steps to resolve this issue;

1.) To create a secure mail key, you need to first access the Profile section and then select the Sign-in info.
2.) Thereafter, choose the email account that needs a secure mail key.
3.) Subsequently, progress towards the secure mail key and choose the Manage secure mail key option.
4.) Should you have more than one email address, select the email address that you would want to use.
5.) Select the option that says “Add Secure mail key” and then keep a nickname for the secure mail key so that it becomes easy to recognize.
6.) Select the Create a secure mail key option.
7.) Consequently, select the copy secure mail key to the clipboard option. Also, keep a note of your secure mail key so that you have it handy when you need to update the email app on several devices.
8.) Choose the OK option.
9.) Now, go to your email app and replace the existing password with the secure mail key you have received.

After you have created the secure mail key, it is also important to update the email program. Here’s how you can do that;

1.) Firstly, choose the File option and then Account Settings.
2.) Secondly, select your AT&T email account and then select the Change option.
3.) Thirdly, confirm or enter the correct IMAP or POP 3 settings.
4.) Subsequently, verify or enter your username.
5.) Consequently, fill in your secure mail key in the password field and mark the Remember Password checkbox.
6.) Thereafter, choose the Next option. Outlook shall test your account settings.
7.) Lastly, select Close and then Finish. supports SMTP and IMAP. SMTP is the protocol that is used for sending messages, while IMAP is the receiving protocol. This springs in action when the client receives the message from the server. SBCGlobal email supporting IMAP means that you are not bound to use the webmail interface. You can use any of the other email clients(such as Mailbird or Outlook) to receive the messages.

The major difference between the IMAP and the SMTP is that while IMAP connects to your email providers’ server used for receiving email, SMTP is made use for sending mails to other servers. IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is an internet protocol that necessitates your email provider to save all the messages and other information on its own servers. This way, you would be able to connect to your email account and view any messages that you have received because it is always stored on the server.

SMTP, or simple mail transfer protocol, is the protocol that enables sending emails from account to other destinations. It would enable your email client to connect to the provider’s server so as to send the outgoing mail to other servers.

Think of port as an address number. In a way that an IP address identifies the physical location of the computer, in a similar way, the port identifies the application which is operating on that computer. There are certain numbers specified for the port numbers which should be used to denote that particular port.

If the space on your desktop or backing up your emails is a concern for you, then you should go for IMAP. Choosing IMAP would mean that your email will be stored on the server of your email provider. POP 3, however, downloads emails to be stored locally and then deletes them from the server. Should anything happen to your local storage, these emails would not be available online. If keeping a local copy of your files is convenient for you, then POP3 is a viable option for you.