Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung Galaxy A50

Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung Galaxy A50
Apr 25, 2023      admin     Blog

Want to access your SBCGlobal account on your Samsung Galaxy 050? Well, that is a simple process that is common for all Android devices. On your Android device, you can easily set up SBCGlobal email with the help of some basic information like username, password, mail settings, and others. During settings up any major email service account on mobile, users can reach out anywhere in case they need assistance. However, for settings up any Email service account with less user base like SBCGlobal, not much information is available through which users can easily set up their email account. Thus here we are going to tell you how to Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung Galaxy A50 or any other Android device.

Basic Prerequisites Required to Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung Galaxy A50

You need to keep the following information which is mandatory required, before you set up your  SBCGlobal account on Android:

Stable Internet Connection:

You need to have a stable internet connection, without which the process of setting up email will be time-consuming or incomplete. So, check your mobile data or other internet connectivity source through which you are accessing the internet.

Email Credentials: (Username and Password)

Users need to know their Email and password in order to connect their account with any other device.
Email credentials are the basic information needed to set up or access an Email account on any device.

SBCGlobal Email Configuration Settings:

Another mandatory that you need to keep before you set up an SBCGlobal account on your device is the mail configuration settings correctly. In case of incorrect settings, the email will be unable to function properly on your device. SBCGlobal mail server settings are given below:

Incoming Mail Server Settings (IMAP)
Port Number 993
Security SSL/TSL
Login Credentials Email and Password
Outgoing Mail Server Settings (SMTP)
Port Number 465
Security SSL/TSL
Login Credentials Email and Password

How to Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung Galaxy A50

Unlock your Android phone and then navigate to the application “Mail” and click on it in order to initiate your SBCGlobal Email setup on Android. After that follow the given steps:

  • Provide your SBCGlobal account email and password and select the option “Manual Setup.”
  • Now, you need to select the type of account you need to set up in order to access SBCGlobal mail, which can be either POP3 or IMAP.
  • Select IMAP, and then on the next screen, provide your email ID and password along with incoming mail server settings, which are mentioned above. After that, click on Next.
  • Now, on the next page, fill out the Outgoing Mail server settings.
  • While settings up SBCGlobal mail, make sure that the internet connection is active.
  • Under Account, option select the time frame for peak schedule and non-peak schedule.
  • Mark the checkbox on the following options
  1. Sync Email
  2. Notify me when the Email Arrives
  • Also, from the advanced tab, confirm the following credentials:
  1. SSL Checkbox is marked
  2. Authentication is set for Password:

Once the configuration is completed, you can find your SBCGlobal email address under “Added Account.”

Common Error Faced by the users when they Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung Galaxy A50

After configuring SBCGlobal mail, users might encounter various technical errors due to which they are unable to send or receive email on their devices. The common causes for various SBCGlobal email errors are listed below:

Incorrect Mail Configuration Settings:

You need to make sure that while configuring your SBCGlobal Mail account, you have filled out the correct mail server setting, without which your mail will not function properly.

SSL Error:

SSL Stand for Secure Socket Layer which is a security protocol to keep your email safe and secure. If you are receiving an SSL error, then it means that your account has been connected to the server, but it is not secure, due to which you are restricted from mailing. In order to fix SSL Error, you need to create a Secure Mail key and then configure your email account again with that. Follow the given steps in order to create a secure mail key:

  • Login to your SBCGlobal account and then go to the profile section. Choose the option “Sign-in info.”
  • Scroll down and navigate to the option Secure Mail Key and then select Manage Secure Mail key.
  • Click on the option “Add Secure Email Key” and then choose “Create Secure Email Key.”
  • Copy the secure Email key to the clipboard to your clipboard and then click OK.

Now you need to remove the SBCGlobal email account from the device you are using and then set it again. There in place of a password, use the secure email key and configure the account.

Reach out to us in Case of any Issues with your SBCGlobal Email

If you are having any issues with your email account, you dial our SBCGlobal Helpline number, where our customer experts are available 24/7 to assist you with any issues you are having with your SBCGlobal account. Also, our customer service is available at minimal rates, which can be afforded by anyone through which they can resolve any technical issues with their SBCGlobal email account.

On an Ending Note

From the above discussion, we hope that now you can easily set up SBCGlobal email on Samsung Galaxy 050. In case you have any queries or need further assistance, you can dial the number given below or use the live chat option to connect with us instantly.