Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung Galaxy A50

Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung Galaxy A50
Oct 07, 2022      admin     Blog

Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung Galaxy A50 is best known for its Galaxy smartphone series, and launched A50 two years back in 2020. The smartphone variant is loaded with great features, such as three back cameras and two in front. The handheld device is best known for capturing crystal-clear photos with decent details.

Apart from that, the Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with remarkable in-built Apps that a user can use once they are connected to the internet connection. The device comes with a 4000 mAh battery that stays with you throughout the day.

The device is a mid-range segment smartphone that works equally well for providing performance for those who prefer a midrange mobile for their work-related emails. The blog post navigates you through steps that guide how to set up SBCGlobal Email Service on the Samsung Galaxy A50.

SBCGlobal Email Service:

The organization is tech loaded with current-gen technologies such as 4G mobile networks, WiFi, landline services, and several email services with domains like @yahoo, @Currently, and @att. Apart from that, the company offers you to alter your email account.

Features It Offers:

It provides several fully-functional features that are given below;

  • One inbox for all emails.
  • Instant organization.
  • Customized email setup.
  • Ample cloud space.
  • Single platform.

Configuring SBCGlobal Email On Samsung Galaxy A50

Configuring SBCGlobal on Samsung Galaxy A50 is not a tough nut to crack. In fact, it can be achieved by following some very simple steps. Let us take a look at these steps;

  • Get access to Email after unlocking the home screen of your hand-held device.
  • Press “Add an Email”.
  • Provide your preferred Email service provider and begin with the next.
  • The message will appear, where you will be asked whether to go with IMAP email account type or the POP3 one.
  • Provide your username and the password of the email account and proceed next.
  • The “Sign Up” form will pop-up where you need to click “Ok” to agree with terms, conditions, and the policies of the email service provider.
  • Next, you will see various categories displayed on your smartphone screen.
  • Go with the preferred preference and move ahead with the configuration.
  • You will be provided with several preferences such as reading news. If you are fond of news, click on the news editorial and proceed next.
  • Once you login, the account will take a few moments to get adjusted to sync well with the smartphone device settings.
  • Once the login account is synced, move to “Contact, inbox and drive”. Choose “A50” from the list and move next.
  • To go to the next screen, simply tap on the “Arrow” icon which is given just beneath the settings page.

The process will configure the email account on the smartphone. Just in case you want to remove it from your handheld device, you can proceed with the same process that helps in setting up the email account. The only difference this procedure has, you need to tap on “Remove” instead of “Add an Email”.

Configuring SBCGlobal Email Notifications on the Samsung Galaxy A50

  • Move to the “Accounts” tab and Tap on settings.
  • Then choose the “Particular Account” whose notifications you want to be displayed on your smartphone.
  • Once you enable the notifications, you will then begin to receive notification alerts on your handheld device.

If you are able to listen to the notification, you can change the preferred tone that is loud enough to be heard. The process elaborated in the write-up helps you to set up SBCGlobal email service on your Samsung Galaxy A50.

Your email notifications will start appearing on your smartphone screen, and you are no longer required to log in through your desktop device. It provides you the convenience of accessing mail anywhere at any place.

The smartphone comes with different options to set up email through which you can configure your preferences as per your convenience. Data backup is an essential step to prevent data loss.

Final Words:

SBCGlobal is a world-renowned email service that helps professionals around the world to send and receive important emails. While Samsung is a globally appreciated brand that offers a wide variety of devices, including Smartphones, there are a range of issues that one can encounter using them. We hope the steps defined in this write-up will help you on SBCGlobal Helpline. However, there may arise a situation wherein you are unable to do so. In that case, you must seek professional help. We are a team of proficient and skilled experts who are adept at resolving such issues. Feel free to get in touch with us should you require any assistance regarding the same. We are available 24/7. You can reach out to us either through call, chat or email. Our email address is