Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung S7 Edge Phone

SBCglobal Email On Samsung S7 Edge Phone
May 09, 2023      admin     Blog

SBCGlobal is currently among the top email service providers available for users in the states. Users with an SBCGlobal account can utilize various other features like an enhanced mailbox, spam protection, pop-up blocker, and various others to automate their mailing process. However, how enhanced or easy-to-use any application or service can be, there are always some issues encountered by the users. One such problem is how to set up their SBCGlobal mail account on an Android device. Thus, for these users, here we are going to provide all the basic details through which you can easily Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung S7 Edge Phone. Read the article to know more about SBCGlobal configuration details.

Why Users are Unable to Setup SBCGlobal Account on Samsung S7 Edge Phone?

The majority of internet users prefer to access their mail on their mobile devices. Due to this, various devices are automated with the mail configuration settings for various primary email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, and many others. However, due to the lack of a significant user base for secondary or professional mail, there is a requirement to manually set up your email account on these devices. One such mail which requires manual configuration is the SBCGlobal mail. Thus while settings up a mail account, the user encounters many issues, among which the most common one is the incorrect mail server settings. Thus keeping in mind, we are here going to elaborate step-by-step process to configure your email on an Android device.

Basic Prerequisite you Need to Have Before you Setup SBCGlobal Mail on a Samsung S7 Edge Phone

The user, before they start to set up their SBCGlobal email on their Android device, needs to have the following things/information themselves:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Your SBCGlobal Email credentials
  • SBCGlobal mail configuration settings

How to Setup SBCGlobal Email on Samsung Edge S7 Device

The process of configuring the SBCGlobal email account on Samsung Edge S7 is exactly the same as any other Samsung or Android device. Once you have all the prerequisites yourself, you can proceed further to set up SBCGlobal account on your mobile device.

  • Open your Samsung Edge S7 settings, and from there, navigate to the mail settings option.
  • Locate the option to add new mail on your mobile, and after that, provide your SBCGlobal username and password.
  • Now for the main configuration setup, you need to select “Manual Setup.”
  • Select the account type for your SBCGlobal account, which can be either POP3 or IMAP. Based on your preference, select the suitable account type.
  • Now, you need to provide mail configuration settings which are listed below for both POP3 and IMAP.
Port Number 993 995 465
Security Type


  • After that, click on next, and after that, provide the outgoing server settings, which are also mentioned above (SMTP)
  • Now, you need to select the time frame for both peak and non-peak schedules.
  • Ensure you have marked the following checkbox
  1. Sync Email
  2. SSL checkbox
  3. Notification when an email arrives.
  • Also, set the authentication to password.

SSL Error While Setting up SBCGlobal Account on their Android Device

Apart from incorrect mail server settings, the user faces another technical issue which is SSL Error which means that your account is not secure and thus restricted from mailing activities. One way to resolve the SSL Error is through the Secure mail key, which is a verification code that you can use in case of a password while configuring your mail account.

How to Create a Secure Mail Key

Users can create a secure mail key through their online webmail, which they can copy and provide when they Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung S7. Follow the given steps in order to set up the Secure mail key in the SBCGlobal account.

  • Visit the SBCGlobal login page and log in with your mail credentials.
  • Now, on the profile section, select the option “sign-in-info.”
    Navigate to the option Secure Mail Key and then choose Manage Secure Mail key
  • Now, you need to click on Add Secure Mail key, through which you can generate a new one.
  • Note down the secure mail key or copy it on the clipboard.

Now, you need to reconfigure your SBCGlobal mail account on your Samsung Device.

SBCGlobal Customer Services

Users with SBCGlobal mail accounts can reach out to AT&T customer services in case they are having any issues with their email. AT&T provides various platforms to the user on which they can submit their query, and the officials will revert to them along with the desired solution. Various means to reach out SBCGlobal customer support are listed below:

  1. Community Forums: SBCGlobal users can post their queries or issue on the official AT&T community forum, where either the other SBCGlobal mail users or the official AT&T customer support experts will provide you with the required solutions.
  2. Troubleshooting Blogs: Apart from the community forums, users can find various troubleshooting blogs through which they can resolve the issues they are having with the SBCGlobal account.

Connect with our SBCGlobal Customer Service Number.

In case you are unable to fix any issue or unable to connect with the official, then you can reach out to us through our SBCGlobal Helpline number. Our experts are available 24/7 in order to assist you with any issues you are having with your SBCGlobal mail. Other means through which you can connect with us are listed below:

  • Live Chat: After the helpline number, you can connect with us through the Live chat, where a live person is available on the other side to receive you. Here, all you need to do is submit your query, and we will connect with you either through mail or reply instantly with the desired solution.
  • SBCGlobal Mail Helpline: This option is suitable for the user who is unable to interact with the live person. These users can mark us a mail with their query, to which we will reply within no time.

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, we hope that now you can easily Setup SBCGlobal Email On Samsung S7. Make sure you fill out the correct details while manually setting up your account. However, in case you need any further assistance, then reach out to us through the helpline number or click on the Help option to enable Live Chat. Our experts are always available on the other to help you.