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How to Setup SBCGlobal Net Email Settings on Different Devices
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SBCGlobal is one of the most favored email service providers. Apart from being one of the most respectable and top-rated email service providers, it is also used by millions across the globe. People don’t only use SBCGlobal for personal purposes but also use it for business and professional purposes. However, to use it, you must know how to Setup Email Settings on your devices. So, if you want to learn this process, follow the given blog. Email Server Settings?

If you want to access your SBCGlobal email on any device or with any of the email applications, then you have to go through your SBCGlobal email setup process. To help you in the setup process, we will provide you with all the procedures you must go through step by step.

To access SBCGlobal email with AT&T on your SYSTEM, check the IMAP and SMTP Settings, and match them with the settings below.

  • Initially, you have to log in to your AT&T email account.
  • Open Settings, then go to Manage Accounts.
  • Next, click on the Add Account option.
  • Now, fill in the username and password.

Note: If you followed the above-mentioned process, but the configuration is unsuccessful, then you have to go for manual setup.

  • After adding a username and password, hit on the Manual Setup option; now, you will need to enter IMAP settings as well. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) Settings:

Below we have ,mentioned the incoming mail server settings of the SBCGlobal email accounts:

  • Server Account Type: IMAP
  • Then,SBCGlobal IMAP username: Your SBCGlobal email address
  • SBCGlobal IMAP password: Enter your SBCGlobal email account Password.
  • Thereafter,SBCGlobal IMAP server hostname:
  • SBCGlobal Email server port: 993
  • TLS/SSL required: Yes
  • Need Authentication: Yes

SBCGlobal.Net Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Settings:

The Outgoing server settings are as follows:

  • Server Account Type: SMTP
  • SBCGlobal IMAP username: Your SBCGlobal email address
  • Then, SBCGlobal IMAP password: Enter your SBCGlobal email account Password.
  • SBCGlobal IMAP server hostname:
  • After that, SBCGlobal Email server port: 465
  • TLS/SSL required: Yes
  • Need Authentication: Yes

It’s always easy for a user to configure an SCBGlobal email account on the AT&T Domain.

SBCGlobal Yahoo Email Settings:

If you are facing any issues while accessing your SBCGlobal email via yahoo, you can follow these steps for the configuration.

Note: Make a wizard on the Yahoo tool to configure your Yahoo account. This will behave as an extension for you on the Yahoo account.

  1. Install the SBCGlobal extension with the name “SBCglobal to Yahoo tool’, this will configure your Yahoo email with the account.
  2. Afterward, go to the Yahoo Toolbar and check if an option for SBCglobal mail is available.
  3. Next, you have to click on the SBCGlobal mail option and choose IMAP server.
  4. Now, Provide the server details as mentioned below: IMAP Settings For Yahoo:

  • For IMAP accounts, fill in
  • Port: 993 or 995.
  • Security: SSL or TLS.
  • IMAP Username: Your SBCGlobal email address.
  • IMAP Password: Your password. SMTP Settings For Yahoo:

  • For SMTP accounts, fill in
  • Port: 465 or 587.
  • Security:  SSL or TLS.
  • SMTP Username: Your SBCGlobal email address.
  • SMTP Password: Your password.

5.  Now, you will get an option to Choose a saving option. Select Yahoo. It is because all your SBCGlobal email will be sent directly to your Yahoo mail account.
6. After selecting Yahoo as your Saving option, provide the following information in the required box.

  • Your Yahoo Username
  • Yahoo Account Password

7. Now look at the bottom of your screen; there will be a backup option to transfer all your SBCGlobal email into your Yahoo Account.

Note: If you are choosing the IMAP account type on your yahoo account, all your messages and folder will be synced between the server and your mail client. So it will be very easy for you to access your email on different accounts.

Whereas if you choose POP3, then there will be restrictions while accessing your email on different devices.

SBCGlobal Net Email Settings For Outlook 2016:

If you want to configure your SBCGlobal email account on Outlook 2016, then provide the given credentials for IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 services.

  1. Follow the given procedure for the setup of services in your Outlook account.
  2. Open Outlook, and then click on the Files tab.
  3. Then Hit on the Add Account option to go further.
  4. Now, click on the Manual setup option for POP or IMAP.
  5. From there, you have to click on the “Internet Email” tab and hit the Next button.
  6. Now, choose between IMAP and POP settings and hit on More Settings.
  7. Then hit “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication” to go further.
  8. Furthermore, hit on the Advanced option and enter the IMAP and POP server information as:
  9. Enter the server information.
  • Account Type – Choose IMAP or POP3.
  • Incoming mail server – for IMAP or for POP3.
  • Outgoing mail server – for IMAP or for POP3.

10. Fill out the logon information:

  • Username – Enter your full SBCGlobal email account.
  • Password – Enter or paste your SBCGlobal email account Password or secure mail key.
  • Tick on the box near the “Remember password and Require logon using Secure Password Authentication.”

11. Now hit on More Settings.
12. Provide Outgoing Server info.

  • Verify the “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” option.
    Select the “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” option.

13. Complete Advanced info.

  • Incoming server for IMAP – 993 for IMAP
  • Incoming server for pop3 – 995
  • Security for both IMAP and POP3 – SSL.
  • Outgoing server for both the IMAP and POP3 – 465
  • Security for both IMAP and POP3  – SSL.

14. After that, click on Ok, and then hit on the Next button.
15. Outlook will now recheck all the information you have provided; if everything is correct, click on the finish button to end the process.

By following the above process, you have successfully set up your

SBCGlobal net email settings on Outlook for 2016.

Follow these steps to set up your SBCGlobal email on Outlook 2013:

1. To initiate the process, Open Outlook
2. Then click on File, followed by clicking on Add Account option.
3. Thereafter Select Manual setup or additional server types.
4. Now, Choose between POP or IMAP.
5. Here, you have to provide the required details

  • Fill in your display name
  • Fill in your full AT&T email address.

6. Now, to proceed further select an account type between IMAP or POP3, and fill in the given information as:

  • Incoming mail server name – Enter (IMAP) or (POP3).
  • Outgoing mail server name – Enter (IMAP) or (POP3).

7. After that, provide the login information:

  • User Name: Fill in your full SBCGlobal email address.
  • Password: Fill in your SBCGlobal email password, then check to mark the Remember Password option and Require logon using
  • Secure Password Authentication as well.

8. Then click on the More options.
9. And fill in outgoing server details:

  • Verify My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • And click on Use the same settings as my incoming mail server.

10. At last, fill in the Advanced information:

  • Incoming server – Fill in  993  for IMAP or 995  for POP3
  • Security – Select SSL.
  • Outgoing server – Fill in  465 for both IMAP and POP3
  • Security – Select SSL.

11.  Then click on Ok, followed by Next, and you are done.

SBCGlobal Net Email Settings For Android Devices

In this generation, we have a range of different Android devices like smartphones and tablets. Users must know how to configure their SBCGlobal email for a smoother and better experience.

The process of setting up an SBCGlobal account on your android device is mentioned below, so follow the given procedure:

  1. Go to your Mailbox or any other by default email app present in your Android device.
  2. Then from there, reach the Settings tab and hit on the Add Account option.
  3. Now, it will ask you to set up an email with the following options: Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365 Outlook, and others. To set SBCGlobal email, click on the Others option.
  4. Now provide your username & Password, and hit on the Manual Setup option for the configuration of your email.
  5. Now choose the account type from the IMAP and POP.
  6. Click on the IMAP account type, and enter the Incoming server details, as well as Outgoing server details.
  • Incoming server: Hostname for IMAP
    Port section:993
  • Outgoing server: Hostname in the SMTP server:
  • Port section: 587.And at last, Click on the Sign In option to complete the configuration process.
Ending Note:

Setting up the SBCGlobal email on your device isn’t a complex and difficult task until you know the proper methods to do it. After going through this post, we hope that you have gained ample information about the setup process and how to reactivate email account. However, if you are still experiencing any issues, get help from our experts through a live chat facility. Our experts will make sure to help you in the shortest time possible.

Frequently Asked Question:

If the receiver’s email server finds that your mail server account is a source of Spam, they bounce back your email.

Note: In such cases, your email can also be blocked from the receiver’s end.

Whenever the AT&T team finds unusual activity in your account, they temporarily lock your profile to protect it from any kind of fraud or abuse.

Of course, you can access your old SBCGlogabl email id. To do so, simply go to google and search for or; you will reach the SBCGlobal email login page. Then enter your Login credentials there (i.e., your SBCGlobal email id and Password), and hit the Sign in button.

To set up email settings for an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open settings, then go to Mail options.
  • Click on Accounts, then hit on the Add Accounts option.
  • Now you have to select Others and from there, go to the Add Mail Account option.
  • Here you have to enter the Name and Descriptions and Password.
  • Now click on the POP option present at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the incoming mail server:, enter your Email Id and Password again and hit the Next Button.
  • Thereafter, enter the outgoing mail server:, and then you have to enter your Email Id and Password again.
  • At last, hit the Save button.

And you are done with the process of setting up your SBCGlobal email id on your iPhone.

Follow these steps to set up your SBCGlobal.NET email on your Mac Mail:

  • Click on the Mail option, and go to Preferences.
  • Now, select the Accounts option and tap the + Sign (Plus Sign)
  • After that, click on the Add Other Mail Account option, and hit on Continue.
  • Now provide all the needed details as :
  • Display Name: Your Full Name.
  • Email address: Your SBCGlobal email address.
  • Password: Your SBCGlobal email Password.
  • Now click on the Create option, and your account configuration will be done on its own.

Now close the window available in front of you, and start using your email on the mac device.