How to Transfer SBCGlobal Email to Yahoo?

How to Transfer SBCGlobal Email to Yahoo
Nov 08, 2022      admin     Blog

SBCGlobal is a well-recognized webmail and email service provider, and SBC Communication provides these email accounts. Formerly, it was known as Southwestern Bell Corporation. But later, in 2005, to make it better, AT&T and SBC merged.

You can check this blog if you are using Yahoo mail and finding it difficult to use two applications together. You can take help from the guidelines in the blog and convert your SBCGlobal Email to a Yahoo mail account. For the users, the major concern is their email security, as it has all your personal and professional information.

The easiest way to transfer your SBCGlobal Email details to Yahoo is through the Backup Tool. You need to install the Application to migrate all your information. It will protect all your data integrity. It is a simple solution for saving user’s energy and time.

The Simplest Way to Move SBCGlobal Email to Yahoo Mail

While finding it quite difficult when they have migrated their SBCGlobal Mail to Yahoo Mail, the reason for fear is that a minor mistake can wreck the entire information that is the user mail account. To solve this problem here is a reliable and efficient method for forwarding your SBCGobal to Yahoo Mail. You can use the Email Backup Tool for secure transfer, which is very helpful for the bulk movement of Emails.

Method of Transferring the SBCGobal to Yahoo Mail

  • Firstly install the Application on the Computer and then open it.
  • From the list, select the IMAP server and put your credential over there, such as Email address/password and IMAP Host.
  • Then select the folder for conversion to Yahoo Mail.
  • After this, select Yahoo for saving. Now enter the Yahoo Mail details for login.
  • Furthermore, the tab on the Backup icon and the tool will transfer SBCGlobal to Yahoo mail.

Features of SBCGlobal Email Software

It is an amazing product that directly transfers SBCGlobal to Yahoo Mail Account.

  • You can transfer collective emails together. It allows sorting emails by email subject, subject, data interval, and so on.
  • It has simple Graphical Interference that is easy for users to understand.
  • While transferring the data, it perseveres all the components of the Email, such as images, attachments, text formatting, hyperlinks, etc.
  • During the transferring process, it is your data integrity.
  • It has standalone application properties.
  • It is consistent with all types of Windows.
  • It has the folder hierarchy at the time of transferring SBCGlobal to Yahoo.
  • It is an error-free and professional software.
  • The software has a self-explanatory interface that makes the transferring process easy for the user.

Impacts of the Transfer from SBCGlobal to Yahoo Mail

There is also a trial version of the software that you can use for transferring emails. It is formed especially for those users who can use it for some time, and if they find it effective, they can move to the licensed edition. There is no difference in the working pattern of the licensed edition and the trial version. If you use the Trial version, you will get the option to move only 25 emails, whereas if you have taken the licensed edition, you can transfer all your Emails from SBCGobal to Yahoo Mail.

Why Users move SBCGobal to Yahoo Mail

Users often can’t work with SBCGlobal Email, and it is a common reason users seek to change from SBCGobal to Yahoo Mail. Here are a few queries of the users with which you can better understand why users want to migrate the Email.

  • Sometimes SBCGlobal stops functioning, and the user has to reboot their system. That’s why they switch to Yahoo Email from SBCGlobal Mail.
  • Often, when the user tries to log in, the request gets denied due to a server issue. It can be not very pleasant, especially at a time when there is little urgency to complete the task.


As demonstrated above, we have covered the complete procedure about how you can transfer SBCGlobal email to Yahoo. In case, if you need any further assistance related to the SBCGlobal email services, then you can contact our SBCGlobal helpline number. Our email experts are available 24*7 at the help desk to attend your query and providing the best solution for your problem.