Unlock SBCGlobal Account

How to Unlock My SBCGlobal Email Account?

SBCGlobal email is a popular name among millions of users around the world. It was merged with AT&T email service in 2005, and you can check your emails, change passwords, and recover/reset passwords by visiting the AT&T email service provider. Suppose you wish to work with your SBCGlobal email account, but it is not opening. Now, you have the burden of work and worry about recovering your SBCGlobal email account.

Various reasons can be behind this error like unauthorized access, virus or malware attack, logged-in to another system, etc. There are a few steps by which you can recover your SBCGlobal email account. In an urgent case, you can recover your email account by dialing the SBCGlobal helpline number, and a technical consultant will guide you to recover your SBCGlobal account soon.

Methods to Change SBCGlobal Account Password

To be away from virus or malware attacks or unauthorized login to your account, it has become mandatory to keep on changing your email password after every three months. Few steps are given below to recover your email account by changing the account password.

  • Login to your email account first or click on the ‘Yahoo Mail’ and press the ‘Mail’ icon given on the top corner. The steps can be different from the SBCGlobal email portal that you used to access.
  • Sign-in to your SBCGlobal Email Account by using a valid ‘Email Id and Password’.
  • Press on the ‘Profile Picture’ on the top left corner in Yahoo Mail and choose ‘Yahoo Account Info’.
  • Enter your ‘Account Credential’ once again and choose the ‘Manage Passwords and Account Security’ option.
  • ‘AT&T Account Management Page’ appears where you are required to enter your password again. After this, create ‘A New Password’ and confirm it for your ‘SBCGlobal Email Account’.
  • Finally, Press on the ‘Submit’ button once done with changing your account password.
  • The above steps are fast and easy to follow, and you can now use your email account without being worried. If these steps are not supportive for you, move to the next step to recover your SBCGlobal email account.
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Steps to Unlock Your SBCGlobal Email Account

Forgot Email Password is a common issue that a user normally faces in accessing the SBCGlobal email account. It happened so often with many of you that you clicked to open your email but suddenly forgot your password. This step will be informing you about recovering your SBCGlobal email account. But, you need no help next time when you will be facing this error. Take a look at the given below procedures to recover your SBCGlobal Email account.

  • Visit the ‘Email Password Recovery Page’ in ‘Yahoo Mail’ and press on the ‘Mail’ icon given on the top right corner.
  • Enter a valid ‘Email Address’ of your SBCGlobal email account in the given space.
  • Press the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
  • Press the ‘Profile’ from the top right corner and choose ‘Yahoo Account Info’.
  • Next  ‘Choose Manage Password and Security Info’ option to reach ‘AT&T OLAM page’.
  • Again enter your correct ‘Email Address’ and create a ‘New Password’.
  • Press the ‘Save Changes’ option after creating and confirming a new password.

Check if the password is reset or not. Remember or note the changed password carefully and enter your correct email address and a new password to open your SBCGlobal email account. Check if the Caps Lock button is turned on, put it in OFF mode, and then log in to your email account. If you can’t access your email account with a new password, you must call the SBCGlobal customer service number to get technical assistance in recovering your SBCGlobal email account. A technical executive will ask your query and provide you an instant solution to solve the issue. The help desk is opened 24/7 hours to take up your calls.